Apply to Become a Member of the METribe Plus Founders Club

YES! I’m in. I’m submitting my application to become a member of the METribe Plus
Founders Club which will offer me the following benefits upon acceptance:

  • Lifetime access to METribe Plus at the Baller level when the program opens August 18, 2014
  • The ability to early book for all METribe live events
  • Invitation to a private Founders Club gathering at all METribe live events as long as I remain active
  • Ability to join a private Founders Club Facebook group to give input on webinar and content ideas
  • Listing on the upcoming METribe website with a brief bio, your photograph (optional) and a link to your primary website or blog
  • Unadvertised bonus: 1 year Fresh account you can give to a business associate

The cost of Founders Club membership is a one-time fee of $2328.

I understand that if my application is rejected for any reason, my payment will be refunded in full and once I’m a Founders Club member, my payment is non-refundable.